Hello there, knowledge lovers! We have good and bad news for you. Let’s start with the bad ones shall we?

  • It’s no use searching for universal coupons that apply to every single order on Udemy – they simply do not exist.

Don’t get us wrong – Udemy coupons do exist. The trick is that each discounted course has its own individual coupon, which cannot be applied to any other course.

To make it worse, the deals change all the time, so keeping track of all the courses on sale can be a tricky thing!

…Yes, that’s not too convenient if you’re searching for a course on a specific topic – spending hours sifting through thousands of random coupons is hardly worth it 😵

Here’s the good news, though:

  • Udemy still has tons of courses on sale at any given time, and there’s a way to quickly find the ones that fit your needs!

Here’s how it works: we use Udemy’s API to automatically track and organize thousands of coupons that are valid right now.

Simply follow the step-by-step guide below to get 50-90% discounts on some of the best Udemy courses:

  1. In the tool below this description, enter the subject you’d like to study and hit “Find Udemy coupons”, for example javascript or drawing.
  2. Click on the course you like to find out whether it is right for you (you might want to consult with our detailed guide on how to evaluate Udemy courses).
  3. Important! Many discounts are available only for newly created accounts – in other words, you’ll need to create a Udemy account in order to see most of the deals properly. What if you already have an account? Well, you’ll need a new one – which is not a problem since Udemy doesn’t put any restrictions in this respect.
  4. We hope this coupon search tool will help you discover the best Udemy courses at the most attractive prices; enjoy!

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The main advantage of Udemy over other educational platforms is its astounding diversity, which in turn comes from Udemy’s democratized approach to education:

Anyone can create a course on Udemy, which means that talented teachers from all over the world get the equal chance to shine, regardless of their academic background or corporate affiliation.

…And with more than 150,000 courses in 65+ languages, there is plenty of educational material from which to choose 🎓


Having problems with the tool? Or maybe you’d like to report a deal or coupon that hasn’t been covered here?

Let us know in the comments below – let’s help each other obtain the best deals for online education!

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