If you are building a website for your online endeavour, you have most likely heard (and highly probably using) the WordPress content management system. And if you decide to go for a premium-class theme for your WP install, ThemeForest is the place you in all likelihood end up on. Why? It’s the largest template marketplace on the web, offering thousands of items for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, and other popular CMS. When it comes to making a purchase on ThemeForest, though, you realize that the prices are quite steep (they’ve gone up several times in the recent years, following the growing popularity of the marketplace) – and it wouldn’t hurt having a discount code. The question is – does it exist?

Does the Coupon Code Exist?

If you google “themeforest coupon“, you will get dozens of results, which are mostly unmoderated coupon aggregators. All of them claim to offer a discount of one or another type for TF purchases, but before you try any of them, here’s some useful information: there’s no field for applying a coupon or a promo code in the ThemeForest checkout process. Don’t take our word for it, try going through all the checkout steps yourself; you can fill in all the info up to the credit card details, which is the last step in any online shop’s checkout – you will not find a field to input a coupon code anywhere. Which implies that none of the codes offered on coupon websites from the search results above is legit!

Unfortunately, a valid ThemeForest coupon does not exist, because TF checkout system simply does not envisage applying one. This does not mean that is the end of the story, though. Read on for an alternative solution.

What Can I Do Instead?

One way of looking at the situation is as follows: most high-selling WordPress themes have a very similar set of features and capabilities, as well as offer uniformly high design standards – why buy one on ThemeForest if you can easily find an alternative on the second-largest marketplace, TemplateMonster? The choice is no less wide, and in addition to getting a theme you can also order handy additional services, from pre-installed must-have plugins to hosting or a page builder license. The best part – TemplateMonster does offer coupon codes, and you can get one from this article of ours.

Your Thoughts!

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Thank you. agree with you. I got a coupon code and when I checked out, there was no place to apply it.