As you might know, Elegant Themes doesn’t offer coupons per se – there’s simply no such field in the checkout process if you try to purchase a subscription to this famous theme shop. However, there are still ways how a smart webmaster could save in this situation – below, we’ll show % discount deals for each of the ET’s payment plans.

Deal #1: Yearly Plan

Using a special link, you can get the Yearly subscription for $70 instead of the normal price of $89 – an over 20% discount! No need to enter any coupon codes (as we’ve mentioned above, there’s nowhere to enter them into, anyway) – just click the button below to access the discounted pricing:

Get 20% off Yearly Plan ›

Note that in order for the special price to work, you will need to sign up and purchase the membership upon visiting the page. According to Elegant Themes, the offer is temporary, yet no precise expiry date for the promo has been provided.

Deal #2: Lifetime Plan

The above deal only works for the Yearly membership plan – getting a Lifetime plan discount is slightly more tricky. In order to get access to the special price, you will need to invoke a certain automated marketing action on this official website.

  1. First, visit ET by clicking on the link below (the link will open a new tab, so you can continue following this guide):
  2. Get 10% off Lifetime Plan ›

  3. Once on the official website, first thing you need to do is close the top blue bar promoting the Divi theme. After that, you will need to visit 3 internal pages; they can be any pages, e.g. “Themes”, “Plugins”, and “Contact” from the top menu – as long as they are different. When you’re on the third page, wait for 10 seconds – a popup will appear offering you to sign up to Elegant Themes newsletter in return for a 10% off their plans. Enter your email and hit “Send me my Discount”.
  4. To confirm your subscription, go to your mailbox, open the email from Elegant Themes and click on the “Yes, subscribe me to the list” button. You will be taken on a confirmation page where a popup will open with a purple button which links to the discount page, where you can get the Lifetime plan for $224 instead of the normal price of $249 – i.e. a 10% discount. Enjoy!

About Elegant Themes

One of the most popular premium WordPress theme shops, Elegant Themes is also one of the most experienced on the market: they started offering universal WP templates back in 2007, when ThemeForest was still only an idea in its future founder’s head.

ET works as a theme club: you get full access to any of the 80+ themes and plugins by purchasing a subscription; there’s no option to buy a single theme individually. The upside though is that you essentially get near-unlimited options while choosing a theme for your website, all of which are guaranteed to be well-built and supported.

By far the most popular theme in the ET collection is Divi, a multi-purpose WP template with an advanced visual content builder and vast customization options. Divi is currently the most widely used premium WordPress theme on the Web, easily surpassing any ThemeForest competitors. And with the discount deals explained above, Divi alone can match premium themes from other marketplaces by price in addition to mostly outmatching them on quality.

It should be noted that Satori is an affiliate of Elegant Themes and receives a commission from each referred sale. The commissions do not in any way influence the price offered to the referred clients.

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