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Dear Agatha,

Let me answer your questions one by one:

1). The extra tags (e.g. “Film”) are displayed on the “Photography” page because this is how the portfolio works :) The multiple adjustments and tweaks we’ve done earlier have changed the way it looks, so since the theme’s mechanics did not envisage any of this, any new portfolio tag will need to be treated “by hand” because of this now. I’ve adjusted the code so that the first two tags are also not displayed on the page now.

2). The “Photography” tag was displayed for the same reason as above, I’ve adjusted the code to hide it.

3). The “Carnivalesque” tag disappeared because after renaming it switched its position in the order of filter tags, which led to the code I inserted earlier to hide it as well. I’ve made adjustments to make it visible again.

4). The “previous” link on the “Persephone” page lead to another portfolio item, the one that was created just before the “Persephone”, since this is the first item of the “Myths” tag, it gives another item from another tag there. In this sense it is functioning as intended by WordPress. The “next” link seems to be giving a correct reference, thus I’ve removed the “previous” link from the “Persephone” page to avoid confusing the visitor.

5). When I click on the “Myths” tag in the “Photography” section no image is displayed. I suppose this is what you need?

6). I’ve replaced the “previous” and “next” navigation with arrows.

7). The tags on the “Limited Edition” page were displayed because the page template was “Portfolio”, which always displays tags. I’ve changed it to “Full-width” (the “Page Attributes” box in the page editor mode) and the tags are gone ;)

8). Since you do not need filters on the “Clients” page, I would recommend using a simple page template instead of Portfolio template you are currently using. Simply make the items of your client list into links to relevant portfolio items, as I did with the first one to provide an example (“Wien Tourismus”).

Please let me know if I misunderstood something!

Andrew | Satori Studio