If you’re reading this then you’re probably deciding whether to get a hosting account with Niagahoster (sometimes also spelled Niaga Hoster). You might have heard good (or bad) opinions about it, but there are so many other hosting providers out there that it’s hard to make the final choice!

I’m not even speaking about which particular hosting plan to choose (Niagahoster offers 4 of them) and which additional services to buy if you want a stable and effective website.

This is why we’ve created this detailed guide.

Over the past 9 years, our team have tried and tested countless hosting providers, including Niagahoster, to be able to tell with confidence whether it is worth your money. By the end of this review, we will answer the following questions together:

  • 🏆Is Niagahoster better than other hosting companies?
  • 👉Which hosting plan should you choose at Niagahoster?
  • 🔍What is the difference between shared hosting and VPS?
  • 🔨Niagahoster’s website builder – should you use it?

As an added bonus, at the bottom of this page I will share with you a hidden way to save 50% (that’s right, an entire HALF) on your Niagahoster order, in case you decide to create an account with them. We will use our exclusive promo code to achieve this..

But first, we need to understand the primary factors which influence the quality of hosting and determine whether Niagahost is really worth its reputation.

The Quality of Hosting and Why It Is Important

From the first glance, all hosting providers look the same and offer the same service. What make one great and another less so is the invisible stuff: the hardware, the software, and the support you get.

Let’s look “under the hood” and see if Niagahoster is a Ferrari or more like Opel.

Firstly, let’s ask a more basic question: what is a hosting? In order to answer it, we need to introduce the concept of server:

In essence, a server is a specialized computer managed by the hosting company. It stores your website and shows it to anyone who wants to visit your web address, 24/7.

Simply put, a hosting is simply a collection of servers! This means that to understand if a hosting company is good or bad, we need to look at the quality of its servers and other infrastructure.

Our research suggests that Niagahoster is one of the first in Indonesia to offer Tier-4 datacenter servers to its clients. Previously, such hardware was only available to large corporations and popular web services, but thanks to Niagahoster it became affordable to ordinary people like you and me.

What is a Tier-4 datacenter, you might ask?

The name comes from the international standards developed by the Uptime Institute in the United States: all datacenters are subdivided into four tiers based on their quality, with 4th being the most secure and efficient tier.

Technical jargon aside, the main difference between a Tier-4 datacenter and a lower-rank one is complete redundancy. This means that all systems and networks have spare duplicates, so everything continues to work even if all active components fail.

While this sounds like an overkill at first, when you consider that your website

Thanks to its advanced infrastructure, Niagahoster is able to guarantee 99.9% uptime to its clients. This means that the company is legally obliged to keep your website available for at least 99.9% of the time.

The actual uptime reported by Niagahoster is even higher, closer to 99.999%. How high is that? This figure implies that during a year, your website might be unavailable for no more than 5.3 minutes!

This is quite good even by standards of large multinational companies – and it’s available to anyone for a fraction of the cost at Niagahoster.

How can Niagahoster afford to offer such quality at such low prices? The answer is simple:

It’s the largest hosting company in Indonesia, which allows it to scale its operations while staying profitable, where others would go bankrupt very quickly.

Apart from the datacenter quality, it is important to look at the individual servers. In the case of Niahahoster, each server is a IIX (Indonesian Internet eXchange) compliant machine with 32 Gb or RAM and 1Gbps network speeds. In other words, lots of power!

Each server is protected by BitNinja – an all-in-one security system against spam and malicious attacks, headquartered in Europe.

This combination of power, security and competitive prices is what seems to make Niagahoster so attractive – and has helped the company to gather millions of clients since its start in 2013, becoming the top-1 hosting provider in Indonesia.

Now that we understand the level of quality, let’s examine Niaga Hoster’s offer and see which hosting plan is the most sensible choice:

Niagahoster’s Offer Under a Microscope: Which Plan to Choose?

Essentially there are two different types of hosting offered by Niagahoster – shared hosting and cloud VPS (virtual private hosting), each with several possible configurations which determine the final price.

Before looking at the plans, we need to understand the difference between shared and VPS hosting, and for that let’s recall from earlier that hosting is provided on servers – powerful, always-on computers optimized for storing and serving websites to the public.

There are many ways in which a hosting server can be configured – this is where the various types of hosting come from. We’ve made a table to summarize the key distinguishing features for shared and VPS hosting:

Shared hosting Cloud VPS
Ease of use Easy for beginners Requires technical knowledge
Flexibility Several fixed configurations Very flexible – can change any detail at any time
Resource allocation Each server shared by many websites You get a guaranteed resource allocation across several servers
Price level Low-medium Medium-high

If we take housing for analogy, a shared hosting is like sharing an apartment with several other people – it’s a bit crowded and sometimes the bathroom can be occupied for too long, but the rent is quite low!

In the same comparison, a VPS hosting can be thought of as having a “golden member” status at a luxury hotel chain: you have an entire suite for yourself, and you can move freely between rooms and even different branches of the hotel chain. But it’s also much more expensive and requires some technical knowledge.

From the above, it should be clear that shared hosting is ideal for beginners who just want to test their online project without spending too much money. A virtual private server is great for developers and programmers who know what they’re doing :)

Armed with this knowledge, let’s now look at the available shared hosting plans to see which one is worth your money.

Niagahoster offers four plans for shared hosting clients, differing by the available computing resources and other features. To make things simpler for you, we will look only at the most important differences

  • The cheapest plan is called Baby; it does not include domain registration (you will need to pay separately for it, approximately Rp 110,000 per year). It also limits the number of email accounts to 1 and the storage capacity for your website’s files to 500 Mb.
  • The Student plan includes a free domain name as well as unlimited disk space and email accounts. It also allows adding more than one domain (purchased separately) if you decide you want to host more than one online project in the future.
  • The Personal plan has everything from the Student plan, plus you get automatic spam protection as well as private nameserver, which can be useful if you decide to switch to another hosting in the future (more flexibility for your online project).
  • The Business plan is very similar to the Personal plan, with only one major difference: a personal IP address. This can be useful if you are running a large website, but in most cases it’s frankly not worth the extra money.

To summarize, the Student and Personal plans at Niagahoster currently offer the best combination of power and affordability. We recommend one of these to most individuals and small businesses who wish to create their own website.

While the Personal plan costs more than the Student plan, at the end of this review we will show you a secret way to get Personal for almost the same price as Student, i.e. at a big discount.

Before we do that, we will summarize the advantages and disadvantages of using Niagahoster and formulate our verdict: is it worth your money?

Pros and Cons of Niagahoster

The following list has been compiled based on our own experience with Niagahost, following detailed testing and research. We are happy to share it with you today, so that you can make a more informed decision:

  • Niagahoster’s servers are located in an Indonesia-based datacenter, which means extra-high loading speed for your website (compared with US or European hosting).
  • High service stability (over 99.9%) is guaranteed by advanced equipment used by Niagahoster as well as special anti-failure measures maintained in its datacenter.
  • 2 free domains with any Personal or Business hosting purchase, allowing you to save extra money on registering a domain separately (typically costs around Rp 110,000 each).
  • Free SSL security forever via Let’s Encrypt, for any shared hosting plan. You can also purchase enterprise-grade SSL certificates by Comodo at additional price.
  • Easy setup for your hosting account and fast WordPress installation from within your hosting admin panel.
  • Powerful admin panel provided by cPanel, the most widely used hosting management system in the world.
  • Instant backups of your entire hosting account for added security – this way you will always have a copy of your data to restore if something bad happens.
  • Large knowledgebase with detailed guides on each aspect of hosting – from initial set-up for beginners to VPS management for professional developers.
  • Friendly and fast support via live chat, email, contact form, or by phone. The Niagahoster team responds quickly and helps solve any problems you might have.
  • Mediocre website builder with a narrow selection of themes that look visually outdated. We recommend installing WordPress and using any of the thousands free templates available on WP official repository, such as the multi-purpose Bento theme.

BONUS: Secret 50% Off Niagahoster Promo Code

Alright, since we’ve already determined that Niagahoster is definitely worth considering as your primary hosting provider, this section will provide an exclusive discount code for a 50% discount on a Personal or Business plan. Please note that that 50% value includes the discount that is already provided by Niagahost itself. Let’s begin!

  1. Visit the official Niagahoster website by clicking on the red button below. The website will open in a new browser tab so that you can still see this guide.

    Get 50% off Niagahoster ›

  2. Scroll down the Niagahoster website to the table which contains the four hosting plans. Click “Select now” on the “Personal” or “Business” plan (we recommend “Personal”, as it costs less while still containing all essential features.
  3. On the next page, choose the duration of the hosting package (we recommend 1 year, but you can also use 6 months if you feel it’s enough for you). After that click “Next”.
  4. You get a free domain with this plan! On the next page, choose the desired domain name and extension and click “Add to cart”. You can also register a second domain (e.g. you can have the same name with .co.id and .online extensions in order to secure your brand name), or skip this step.
  5. After choosing the domain names you will reach the page with your order details. Just click “Next” – the options offered here are quite useless.
  6. Click on the button to create a new account, which will finally bring you to the checkout page where you can apply our promo code.
  7. Scroll down to the bottom of the checkout page until you see the “Promo Code” section. Enter the following code into the box and click the grey “Apply” button twice (this is important):

  8. After you click twice you will notice changes on the right side of the page where your order price is being displayed:

  9. Congratulations! You’ve just saved some money on your Niagahoster purchase! You can now proceed to fill in the required information on the checkout page and make the payment.

Our Verdict / Let’s Discuss Niagahoster!

To summarize, our research and tests seem to indicate that Niaga Hoster is one of the best (if not the best) hosting companies in Indonesia. This is achieved by using a Tier-4 datacenter with top-quality infrastructure, located in Indonesia instead of overseas.

Add to this professional-grade software, fast support, as well as very reasonable prices (plus our exclusive discount code 😉) – and you get a premium hosting service for a fraction of the cost.

Do you still have unanswered questions about Niagahoster? Or maybe you’d like to share your unique experience with this company? In any case, we will be happy to see you join the discussion in the comments section below this text.

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What happened if reader from overseas (outside indonesia) want to access my website? Is it going to load slower since the server is based in Indo?

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