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    Hi there,
    Thanks for your great theme,
    I bought it for a client and now I am trying to customize it.
    I have few issues I hope you will help me with, to set max boxes number in a raw should be 5 boxes.
    2.small box font is same as big box font even when I insert new values in theme


    4. when box size is set to 200px it doesn’t resize respectivly in mobile or small screens width is bigger thab hieght menu icon is a small rectangle which is not visible and aligned to much

    right, how can I change menu icon and fix position. to set hover color for menu icons in mobile (white background, #4caf50

    for text)

    6.where can I change submenu mouseover background color (white background, #4caf50 for text)

    7.font is different (arial) in when site is opened in firefox to add automatic slideshow box with the gallery(images) inside the portfolio item post
    9.can I add video to boxes

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