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Kinda forgot to reply here, my bad sorry.

Just wanted to let you know that it has been sorted out or rather I have removed the slider but the problem of lag is still the same so, I guess it’s not the sliders fault. This occurs once a while, boosting some other lower CPU’s to 100% usage (tried it on a couple of old Quad-Cores), so I’m currently looking in to it, still have no clue as to what can be going on :)

Btw may I ask did you ever receive a report about the “customise” page being blank with your theme? At wordpress forums they are telling me it’s the themes fault, but I cannot find a reason as to why. It worked fine till the WP upgrade I guess just noticed since I wanted to remove the top menu, nothing more and since I’m typing here might as well ask, hope you don’t mind.

Keep up the good work,