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Thank you Andrii! Your response was very helpful!

1. I imported the sliders you had in the theme & for now it’s ok.. However I’d like to have my own graphics for this 1st page. Which is why I was asking the size of a graphic aka “slide” to be used here?…Hope that makes sense?

I will try out #s 3,4 & 5 when I’m ready for them. But in the meanwhile..

#6. A brand new question – Right now, each new page that can be added seems to only allow me to add text… or a header image for that page. (Which is how I created the current ‘Survey’ page, but without the header image).

But I’d like to add additional page with images & links to other pages in the website. How can I do this in the one page layout? (Something even as simple as this would be great –

Thank you very much for your responses as it is really helping me understand this theme well.