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    Hi Andrii,

    We had exchanged comments on the themeforest about a month back. I’d bought the theme but since I’m not familiar with setting up themes I’ve been having problems.

    This is my website – (a one-page setup). As you can see I didn’t get too far.

    Problems (which may be very basic)

    1. (a) How do I setup a graphic for the main section so it fills the screen, without expanding the text within the graphic? The graphic I now have seems to expand the text to fill the size of the graphic. Please NOTE – I am assuming each “page” in Kanso is one entire graphic.. (Is this related to the Retina-ready functionality?)
    (b) What (if any) should the size of the graphic (jpg) be for each of the “pages” on this one-page setup? Same for the thumbnails? I’m not sure what specifications to give a graphic designer..
    (c) How can I include links to elements within the graphic for each page? So if I want to be able to click on a picture within the page to link to another part of the site? (See #4 below).

    2. Menu – The menu seems to move from extreme right to extreme left when I add new graphics or change the font size of the menu option. How can I always have it stay on the extreme right?

    3. Assuming the other page layouts can be used for pages that are other pages within this same website, but not in the same one-page layout? I haven’t tried using them but curious.

    4. The post formats – If I created another menu option called “Blogs” – could a link off this one-page setup lead to the blogs section? The blogs section would have to be a different page within the website.

    5. (a) Can I use the custom widgets (1 & 3) on one of the ‘pages’ in my one-page setup? (b) What does the social media widget do exactly? Does it just show the icons? Or does it also show latest posts on various social media accounts on the page where the widget is embedded?

    REALLY appreciate your help in getting this setup. I will focus on getting this done this weekend. Thanks,


    Hey Skrag,

    first of all, thank you for the purchase!

    I will go over the issues in the same order:

    1). If by “graphic” you mean the slider (which currently says “Coming soon etc”), I would strongly recommend installing the demo slider provided with the theme – please go to “Revolution Slider” admin menu, click on the green “Import Slider” button, and choose the “” file from the “Resources” folder, which is located inside the main ThemeForest archive (“Kanso_WP_Theme_Package”). The slider will look exactly like the one from the theme demo, you can then edit it by clicking on the blue “Edit Slides” button next to the respective slider. Do not forget to change the name of the slider in the “Header Revolution Slider” option on the “Revolution slider” tab of the Theme Options panel.

    2). The main menu becomes left-aligned automatically on screens with less than 1030px width – this is a part of the theme’s responsive (mobile-friendly) framework; you can check the behaviour on the theme demo as well ;) if you still want the menu to stay on the right on <1030px screens, please insert this piece of code into the "Style: Add Custom CSS" tab of the Theme Options panel:

    @media only screen and (max-width: 1030px) and (min-width: 767px) { #header #nav-wrap { text-align: right !important; }

    3). Not sure I understood what you meant here, could you please clarify? In case you were wondering if you can create other pages using given page layouts – then yes, it is possible.

    4). Yes, you can do that, this setup has been showcased in the theme demo. You’d need to use the “Blog Posts” template for that page, and the link to the blog posts page will appear on the one-page website automatically once you have more posts than the value set in the “Number of blog posts per page” option on the “One-Page Website” tab of the Theme Options panel.

    5). There are no widget areas inside the content of the one-page setup; only in the footer, as shown in the theme demo. Other pages (e.g. blog and individual pages, as well as posts or portfolio projects) may have sidebar widgets. The “Social Media” widget included with the theme displays links to social media accounts, just like in the footer of the theme demo – for a solution that lists recent social media posts please look for third-party plugins, e.g. this one for Facebook.

    Should you need additional clarifications in any of the areas, please let me know!

    Andrii / Satori Studio


    Thank you Andrii! Your response was very helpful!

    1. I imported the sliders you had in the theme & for now it’s ok.. However I’d like to have my own graphics for this 1st page. Which is why I was asking the size of a graphic aka “slide” to be used here?…Hope that makes sense?

    I will try out #s 3,4 & 5 when I’m ready for them. But in the meanwhile..

    #6. A brand new question – Right now, each new page that can be added seems to only allow me to add text… or a header image for that page. (Which is how I created the current ‘Survey’ page, but without the header image).

    But I’d like to add additional page with images & links to other pages in the website. How can I do this in the one page layout? (Something even as simple as this would be great –

    Thank you very much for your responses as it is really helping me understand this theme well.


    Hey Skrag,

    I will retain the numeration as previously:

    1). The slide size depends on how you set it up: if you go to “Revolution Slider” admin section and press the green “Settings” button next to the slider you want to edit, you can find a number of options regarding the size of the slider:
    – Slider Layout: here you can choose between “Fixed” (set width and height manually in pixels), “Custom” (set width and height manually depending on the screen sizes), “Auto Responsive” (varies with the screen size/height), and “Full Width” (the one set in the demo slider).
    – Fullscreen Align: force captions to fit the screen width or the container of the theme
    – Force Full Width: force the slider to stretch to the width of the screen or be contained inside the parent container
    Note that the slide background images will always be stretched to the width of the slide, and any captions or other objects you insert in the slide editors (press the blue “Edit Slides” button next to the slider you’re working on) will stay inside the captions grid width. Please let me know if any of the above is still unclear!

    6). When adding a new page which will become a part of the one-page layout, you can add any number of any content elements into the page content area (you can switch between the “Visual” and “Text” modes using tabs in the top right corner), and all of it will display on the one-page layout as well. You can also use theme’s built-in shortcodes for an additional selection of pre-styled elements to augment your layout.

    Andrii / Satori Studio

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