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Dear Nichibus,

thank you for bringing up these issues! I’ve fixed the menu in IE7 and IE8, as well as tried my best to remove the transparency bug in IE10 – please check out the theme demo, esp. regarding the last issue, since I do not have IE10 on my machine and thus have limited possibilities to check the results of my tinkering. I will definitely include the fixes into the next theme update, or in case you wish to purchase the theme, I will be able to send you the fixes to update manually.

Regarding the menu usability on touchscreens – could you please name the device (and model) on which you are viewing the website? The menu in Kabuki has been designed to fold back when the cursor leaves the menu area, no on click, thus you can try to “swipe out” of the menu into another area of the page to see if this will get the menu to slide up. Please let me know if this helps!

Andrew | Satori