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Dear Sculley,

please note that the WordPress importer only imports contents, i.e. the pages, posts, menus, and everything inside them (text, images, links, etc), yet it does not import WordPress settings, and this is not dependent on a particular theme. Thus some of the things are to be done “by hand” in WordPress.

To address the things you’ve mentioned:
– the menus that are imported by the importer will need to be assigned to specific positions in the theme: please go to “Appearance -> Menus” admin menu and find the “Theme Locations” box on the top left: there you can choose which menu will display in which location. This information is available on page 8 of the Theme Manual.
– the files inside the “includes” folder are not plugins per se, they are uploaded with the theme and work from inside the theme folder, thus do not show up in the “Plugins” admin menu. Some of the includes do have settings, e.g. the SEO, the Quick Locatization, and the Link Cloaking modules – you can find corresponding extra admin menu items on the bottom of the admin menu after you activate the theme. You can find more on this on page 8 of the Manual.
– the footer consists of widgets, which can be set in “Appearance -> Widgets”: just click on the “Footer” link on the right side and drag one or more widgets from the left side into the box. Once there is at least one widget in the footer area, it will start displaying automatically. This information can be found on page 7 of the Theme Manual.
– the social media icons are displayed using the Social Media Widget which can be accessed from the “Appearance -> Widgets” admin area: drag the widget to the right side into any of the widget areas you need, and fill in your social profiles and hit the blue “Save” button to save the changes. More information can also be found on page 7 of the Manual.
– the front page of a WordPress website is set in the “Settings -> Reading” admin menu: in the “Front page displays” option, choose the “Static page” radio button, and then from the drop-down near the “Front page” field choose the only page that has no name (i.e. a blank line). Do not forget to click “Save Changes”!

Should you have more questions, do not hesitate to contact me – I will gladly help, that’s what support is here for ;)

Andrew | Satori Studio