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I’ll try to make this more clear:

The home page w/slider does not appear at top of one page layout after following the instructions below (the menu navigation is there, but it goes nowhere – the Home Page that we created is not showing up):

1). Create a page that will serve the “base” for the front page and make it a “One-page” template (in the “Page Attributes” box while in the edit mode). This is required due to the way WordPress handles its front page displays.

2). In the “Settings -> Reading” admin section, choose “Static Page” in the “Front page displays” setting and select the page you’ve created from the drop-down.

3). In the Theme Options panel, “One-page website” tab, check the option “Activate one-page website mode” and do not forget to press the “Save All Changes” button to preserve the setting.

4). Created the rest of the pages.

This issue has nothing to do with the blog / news page missing navigation