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Hey Jdudeo!

I will cover the issues in the same order:

1). Now I see what you mean. If you need a shortcode to insert a slider into a project/page/post, please try the [nivo_slider] shortcode – the [custom_gallery] shortcode creates a tiled list of images, not a slider (I apologize for this confusing naming, I will need to correct this in the manual and in the theme itself!). You can find the usage examples and available options for each shortcode in the second Appendix of the theme manual. Please note that the update I’ve provided in the previous post allows you to create a gallery-format project with a slider at the top and text/other content underneath, so it this is what you need as a result, you can also try it out ;)

2). Regarding the gallery-format blog post – could you please tell me if you’ve uploaded new images into that post – or used some existing ones from the medial library? As noted in the manual page 8, the “gallery”-format will only use the images that are attached to that particular post, which in WordPress means they were uploaded into that particular post. If this does not help, please send me your admin login and password to (no disclosure guaranteed) – I will troubleshoot the issue and get back to you as soon as possible!

Andrew / Satori Studio