Using Wix and looking to upgrade to one of the premium plans? Why not save some additional money and get it for a lower price using a promo code, right! Hundreds of websites around the web are claiming to offer a Wix coupon or even a selection of various discount offers, yet does any of them really work? We’ve hand-checked all publicly available codes using a real Wix account and can testify that exactly none of them works.

There’s no point in wasting your precious time on endlessly trying out every single “promo code” for one good reason: Wix itself does not provide any such codes to its partners and affiliates. As simple as that! Instead, you can look for the current running offers by searching the official Wix support centre – this is the only place they actually do announce special offers. Click here to search for current special offers:

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About Wix

One of the first and most reputable website builders, Wix has been helping webmasters create web presence for over a decade. What started as a small enterprise back in 2006 is now listed on the NASDAQ stock exchange and serves 50 million people around the world.

This is also what makes Wix unique, and the closest competitor to WordPress among website builder products: its vast user base enables the company to invest heavily in further development, implying the most bug-free and diverse platform with myriads of extensions and timely user support.

In essence, Wix is a hybrid of a site-building platform, a hosting provider, an ecommerce system, and an analytics suite – a truly all-in-one solution for anyone looking to create their own website, be it for business or personal projects.

Wix employs the so-called freemium service model: the basic elements, such as a website builder and a place to host the new site, are available to anyone at zero cost, while additional customization requires a premium subscription. The latter is offered in several varieties, or plans, with progressively more diverse (and hence higher priced) bundle; each of the premium plans includes the possibility to connect an external domain, free hosting, extended storage capacity, and faster support.

Most of the Wix users who intend to actively maintain and promote their websites eventually move to a premium plan since it allows using a good-looking domain name without the “wix” prefix and removing the automatic ads, both of which make any project look less professional.

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