In this article, you are going to learn about one of the future ways website building is likely to evolve – pre-made templates. Just a decade ago, creating websites seemed to be one of the great challenges of the digital world – nowadays, you can come up with a website for free in less than one hour, using services like SITE123. The primary distinguishing factor of SITE123 is its streamlined processes which skip many of the more daunting parts and focus on what’s really important: getting you online, as quickly and easily as possible.

Upon sign-up, you will be prompted about the type of website you’re looking to create (business, personal blog, e-commerce, etc), which will be the only step before you get to edit the actual template: in order words, this site builder chooses the most suitable template for you based on your preferences, instead of forcing you through dozens of designs beforehand. Despite requiring some adjustment time for those who have already used site builders in the past, SITE123’s process seems to be well-matched with beginners’ expectations, cutting the time-to-deployment metric by a healthy share.

Why Use Ready Templates?

After playing with SITE123’s toolkit for a while, we were able to identify several advantages of the simplified onboarding process described above. Here are just some of the benefits of using pre-made templates that anyone should consider while setting off to construct their very own website:

  • Ease of use – there is a minimal number of steps you need to take while signing up with SITE123, which saves a lot of time. You can start and finish a website within a few minutes, if you wish, or go into the nuts and bolts and make your customization as detailed as possible.
  • Mobile-friendliness – while you create your site from a laptop or a desktop computer, it is automatically converted to run perfectly on any mobile device as well, saving you countless hours of manual adjustments.
  • Customization – in addition to being template-based, SITE123 offers rich customization tools, including fonts, colors, formats and categories. This ensures that your website will truly look unique after the least possible amount of time and effort.
  • Functional choice – blogs, online stores, and business websites are of course quite different from one another since they have differing goals, which is why SITE123 matches your toolkit with the purpose of your future website, making it easier to get started with your specific function.
  • Easy media management – you can put images, audios and videos on your site as easily as changing the profile photo on Instagram: media resources, if used correctly, can enrich customer experience on your website. In addition, if you need some extra photos for your website, SITE123 has an integrated library with hundreds of royalty-free stock photos that may be used without any limitations.
  • Simplified content management – do you want to delete a post? Add a new product to your online store? Edit an item in your portfolio? You can do any of the above really fast with a template-based site builder – just log in, make the planned change and publish. No need to worry about editing code or layout.

Apart from the above, the standard advantages of site builders, such as integrated domains, hosting, and content delivery service (CDN), as well as seamless SSL certificates for added security, are also part of the SITE123 offer, which makes it a well-rounded website construction toolkit for anyone focused on simplicity and ease of use.

Summing It Up

A programmer would, in a very favorable scenario, take at least a week to deliver a functional website: with SITE123 you can finalize a site in a few minutes with no outside assistance, for free (or at a seriously low cost), go online as quickly as possible, and easily make adjustments as needed. You can try it out yourself on their official website: Go create!

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