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Hi Andrew,
Thank you for your reply!
Ok, i shall try to follow with a question, i´m not sure if we´re talking about the same thing just with a different description – every portfolio page in Fuji features all items that have been created in the system – but I mean my “pages”.
If i go to my “film” page or my “Home” page, they both just display the related content (home page image or video thumbnails) and then you have to go to the top of the page and click on a page to go somewhere else – which is correct.
However, when i go to either “Collage” or to “Photography” , i see the related content and then at either the bottom or the top of the page, all of the site content sections in a horizontal list (All/ Collage/ Film/ Myths/ Night Zoo …) which is not correct.
– is there a way to just display the clickable tags for “the page in question”-related pages (photography -> shows clickable tags for Myths/ Night Zoo/ Supers/ The Schella Kann Show) – or is this exactly what you meant?
If it is then – what do you charge for customization work such as this?

No, i don´t want my collage and photography pages to display items in blog format – i really like the way they are displayed now – it´s perfect! I just dont like the lists displaying everything.

Thank you for your answer re. the google search. I wondered if it had something to do with the “Google Analytics” which is always displayed in red as the first thing i see when i go to my site maintenance. I will give the Yoast SEO plugin a go.