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Hello Andrew,

These are all the plugins I currently have installed:

Regarding the iPhone I am currently using a iPhone 4S with iOS 6.

Regarding the framework I tried replacing it again. It seems that the whole logo and menu disappears only in the iPhone Safari Browser.

I tried opening it in google chrome browser on the iPhone, the menu is still there, but it still covers the menu. When visting the demo site on the iPhone this is what i get. iPhone 4S iOS6 Google Chrome – iPhone 4S iOS6 Safari – – iPhone 4S iOS6 google chrome with new custom less.framework.css –

The screenshot from your Android, the slideshow control panel as I can see is at the very top of the page. That looks and functions amazingly better than what currently is displaying on my iPhone for Maybe its a iPhone only problem. Hopefully we can find a fix for this, and the twitter bug.

Thanks again for your help and Cheers to more iPhone debugging. :)

Looking forward to your response.

– Mike