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Hello Andrew,

Thank you for the prompt detailed response. I am very pleased with the theme purchase so far and just want to say thanks again for putting the time and effort into making this theme and also with your helpful responses. :)

Also, Thank you for the custom file. I will be trying it out once i get home from work, to see what it looks like. I don’t have a ftp client on the computers here at work.

I am aware that the menus should turn into drop down menus, and I dont mind having one, but I had 2 questions regarding the drop down menus.

(The screenshot of my iPhone describing the ‘wonkiness’)

As you can see the picture slider controls overlap the drop down menu and makes it in inaccessible and rather quite ‘wonky’ unless I resize it. Also the drop down menu turns into a grey color. Is there anyway to change this drop down menu color? Possibly to Black and Red like the original menus.

Regarding the twitter widget bug. I have tried numerous different twitter accounts and it seems that all of them have the same problem. They all turn into ’42 years ago’ ‘1 year ago’ with no tweets. Its very odd, and also frustrating cause the problem is very intermittent, sometimes it works and 75 percent of the other time it never works. Its very hit or miss, mostly miss. If you could find a fix for that, it would be greatly appreciated.

Also thanks for the advice, I will be re-sizing the pictures for optimal load times, once I get home.

Looking forward to your response.


– Mike