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Hey Chag,

first of all, thank you for the purchase!

I’ve run a couple of tests using Pingdom and it looks like your website (test) is getting a higher speed score than the Fuji demo (test). It does take longer to load, though, mainly because of four files which you can see as long yellow bars on the diagram below the scores. 4 seconds is usually considered a normal loading speed for a page with multiple images, yet in case you want to try to increase it further the places to look are:
– check the Minify plugin you likely have installed, it is one of the problem zones; try disabling it and re-running the test.
– if you’re not using the image slider on your website, you can get rid of the “orbt-1.2.3.css” file altogether – by going to “Appearance -> Editor” admin menu, opening the “header.php” file on the right, locating (Ctrl+F) the line which contains the full name of this file and deleting it (do not forget to press “Update File” to save the changes).
– you can also get rid of the fancybox function (the one that creates overlays if you click on one of the post images) – by downloading this custom file from my repository, unzipping it, and uploading the contained file into the theme folder via ftp (/wp-content/themes/Fuji).
– there’s not much we can do about lessframework.css, since it contains important style declarations which among other things make the website adapt to the screen size of smaller viewing devices like tablets and smartphones.

I hope this was helpful!

Andrew | Satori Studio