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Hey e.,

in your case, since you’ve used the term ID’s in the exclusion algorithm, you need to change the line:

'field' => 'slug'


'field' => 'term_id'

Also, you need to manipulate the query code of the original “page_portfolio.php” theme file, because if you create a totally new template file, you will need to alter other templates so that the system knows that it also needs to apply the isotope routines which create the masonry tiled layout (since two separate portfolio pages were not originally envisaged in Ikebana). Namely, you would need to add an extra condition

|| is_page_template('page_peros.php')

everywhere there is a statement


i.e. in “header.php”, “header-functions.php”, “custom-styles.php”, “/includes/pager/pager.php”.

Andrii / Satori Studio