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Hey Koen,

thank you for choosing Ikebana, and my sincere apologies for the delay in my reply!

I will go over your questions in the same order:

1). To achieve this, you can use the “Open link in the same tab” checkbox in the “Additional Settings” section, under the content area in the edit mode.
2). There is no out-of-the-box setting for individual page backgrounds in Ikebana, yet you can achieve this effect by using some custom CSS, e.g.

.page-id-XX #main-container { background-color: #cccccc; }

replacing the “XX” with the ID of the page you need the new background for, and the “#ccc” with the hex representation of the desired color. You can insert the code either via a child theme or into the “Style: Add Custom CSS” tab of the Theme Options panel.

Should you have other questions about the theme, do not hesitate to ask!

Andrii / Satori Studio