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thanks, but that’s not really what the problem is – the problem seems to be specific to page margins around the 1280-1300 pixel viewport width (or double that on retina). i’m getting a narrower content area on at 1280px viewport (or full viewport on macbook pro retina for instance) than should be necessary. it feels that if the overall page margins were reduced then the wider content would fit (are they % margins? i’m not sure where to adjust these in CSS).

if you look at for instance at 1280px or full width on a retina macbook pro there are big margins left and right and quite a narrow content area, and the top menu ‘wraps’. there’s definitely room to expand the content area/container an reduce the margins and eliminate the nav menu ‘break’, but i don’t know how to adjust the content area/global container width or page margins. have been looking at the CSS but i don’t know if it’s a responsive/media query thing, margin settings, overall container etc. – and where i should be looking. thanks