☑︎ coupon checked for validity in December 2018

Yes, we know you’re excited to try out the Blinkist service – it’s a great way to read more in less time, gaining valuable knowledge and insights from the top thinkers and doers across the globe. As a cherry on top, we’ve prepared an exclusive coupon code in collaboration with Blinkist, which applies a 30% discount to the Blinkist Premium yearly subscription.

In order to be able to sign up for Blinkist with the said promo pricing, you’ll need to follow these steps to get your promo price:

  1. If you don’t have an account on Blinkist yet, click here to get one; you’ll just need an email and a password, or you can sign up using your Facebook profile. It won’t take more than a couple of seconds, in any case.
  2. If you do have an account, click on the button below to go to the official Blinkist pricing page; the site will open in a new tab, so you’ll still have this guide in front of you:

    Get 30% off Blinkist ›

  3. You will be presented with two alternative billing cycles: monthly and yearly. With the monthly plan, you don’t need to pay much up-front, but it costs a whopping 49% more, so we recommend going with the annual billing cycle for additional savings.
  4. Either way, after you click on the plan of your choice you will be directed to a checkout page – once there, look at the right sidebar with the order summary. You will notice a small wireframe-style button above the price total, green letters in a black rectangle saying “Have discount code?”:

    Click on the “Have discount code?” area, and a field will appear; copy the code below and paste it into the field, then click “Apply”:

  5. The price will then be automatically reduced to reflect the discount, and you will be able to complete your payment. You’ve now access to the world’s most information-dense source of best non-fiction books!

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is the promo price valid for? You get the 30% discount for your first subscription year. After that it’s the normal Blinkist pricing according to your chosen plan.

Is this coupon code valid for Blinkist for Teams? At the moment Blinkist does not offer promos for their bulk subscription option, which you can verify by going through the respective checkout process – you’ll not see any discount code fields.

When does this coupon code expire? There is no indication from Blinkist as to the term of validity of the current discount code, yet the company can discontinue it at any time they choose to.

About Blinkist

Blinkist is a subscription-based service which offers 15-minute summaries of some of the best non-fiction books in a variety of categories, from business, politics and leadership, to health, self-development, and psychology. Every paid subscriber gets unlimited access to the entire Blinkist library, which currently counts over 2200 items and is constantly growing.

Blinkist offers the following advantages over the classic “read-all” approach when combined with selective full-text reads:

  • You can absorb new concepts and ideas every day, giving you more mental resources to actually internalize and interconnect them.
  • You can choose to read of listen to the summaries, depending on the circumstances or your preferred way of getting new information.
  • Once you finish the summary, you can decide whether the full book is worth your time, and support the author by actually buying it.
  • You can use Blinkist as an additional way of recapping the books you’ve read in full or for preparing to read new ones.

The summaries, or “blinks”, as the company calls them, are available as text and audio (the latter – in the Premium subscription plan), which is particularly convenient for those who also like to absorb new knowledge on the go. You can create your own mini-library and sync any item to the Blinkist app or a Kindle, while the notes you leave can be seamlessly exported to Evernote.

Affiliate disclosure: the links to Blinkist from this article are partner links, which means the author will get a small referral commission if you sign up, at no additional cost to you; the coupon code is not affected by this fact. Thanks for your support and understanding!

We at Satori Studio have been using Blinkist for a long time and still consider this one of the best discoveries that positively affected our productivity and learning curve.

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Yep works. Curious why Blinkist removed the Plus plan and stuck with the Premium as a sole paid option though

Hello! I don’t see trge green “apply coupon” button when on the checkout page, what might I be doing wrong?? Thanks!

Hello Cathy, please make sure you’re not trying to purchase the Blinkist for Team subscription. In case you’re on the correct checkout page and the promo link still doesn’t show, please send us a screenshot, we’ll investigate further!

Carlos Casta

still working code

so even if i use the code this blog gets its affiliate fee at no cost to me which means the blinkist bears all the costs – do they even make a profit at all? )))

that’s a good question, a quick Google search will give you the answer ;)

aahh yeas thank you for the code, blinkist is cool


cool thx for the code link

Do you have a similar code for getabstract?

Silvia Reese


Hello Urdu Guy, at the moment we don’t have a getAbstract promo code, but we’ll keep looking! :)

Still works

do you know when is next time they have extra big discount?? :)

To the best of our knowledge, there’s no specific schedule, yet historically Blinkist tends to come up with significant offers on Black Friday and around New Year / Christmas time.

you’ll have to wait a long time to read a 15-minute abstract ))

Could anyone tell me where to input the coupon code I’m a bit los here I suppose… thanks!

The green “Have a discount” text on the checkout page reveals a field on mouse click – you should input the coupon code there and click on “Apply” in order to make it work.

whats the point of a 30% discount if there’s a 42% available??

I’d be garteful if yo ucould share the 42 percent promo code if it is a valid one :) thanks!

NWRMND it was a January sale discount now it’s not available anymore.

you had my interest, now u hav my attention

I can confirm that the new 42% discount code works fine, just got the premium plan for my new year’s resolutions. THanks!

whoa thank you for the code! the only one that works out of all

I found blinkist to be one of the best app for education, its not only easy to use but also inspiring which is important when the surrounding world doesn’t really motivate you to keep your attention on something for more than 5 seconds


how did you manage to makeit work??

I can confirm the code does what it says

it still works thank so much guys!!

can I use the same promocode for more than one purcahse? Thank you!

i think yes there’s no limit in you use different accounts ie log out and create a fresh new account every time you purchase a subscritpion

Hello Clarice! According to our tests, the coupon code can be used on any number of purchases asl long as you’re creating a new Blinkist account during the purchase – in other words, the code’s not valid for extending your existing subscription.

Oliver Ytterfalk

Hello ! I have created a trial of blinkist then clicked on upgrade then reached the checkout page and I cannot see any indication of a field where I can input the dicsount code

Oliver Ytterfalk

nevermind found it :)

Matthew Wilkes

Thank you for the code! You just saved me twenty bucks in one minute. Cheers!

you’re welcome! enjoy the blinks :)

i’ve tried the free version and couldn’t even make myself do it for free there s no way i’m doin it for money

why wou;d anyone want to pay for this at all???

apparentl y a lot of people would :)

Hello! is the promocode valid for blinkist teams as well? thank you!

Hey Caren! at the moment Blinkist does not offer discount codes for the Teams subscription plans, we’ve updated the above guide to include this information. Thanks!

you can just buy a coupla Plus plans instead of team subscr

got a “gift of knowledge” for a colleague of mine, the codestill works :()

Im using Blinkist everywhere their audio option is great for squeezing the most out of your commute or even walks

the audio files are available only in the most expensive plan not sure if its worth it to pay 2x extra just to be able to listen to abstracts…

believe me it is

For someone like me who spends hours in traffic every week it’s one of the very few ways to read more :)

its also good at sqeezing the most out of your wallet

sweet mother of condensed knowledge! thanks for the tip guys

glad it’s been useful ;)