Thanks to their ease of use and cost efficiency, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and other CMS themes have become one of the most commonly used methods of creating private and corporate websites. Specialized marketplaces, such as Envato’s ThemeForest, have in turn become one of the most popular sources of high-quality themes. However, more and more people have recently been shifting towards its competitors and alternatives, primarily due to the following:

Reason 1: something fresh and unique

Despite the fact that ThemeForest has been growing steadily over the last several years, that growth hasn’t been distributed equally among the available items; in fact, there are now a handful of themes which get the vast majority of sales on ThemeForest, leaving others with the scraps and a desperate urge to copy their success by bringing their designs and feature sets in line with the top performers. This has increasingly led to a situation where most of the themes look virtually the same and offer very similar features. This is where alternative marketplaces come in – with their fresh supply of high-quality themes, they offer a viable option for those who’d like their website to look and feel just a bit more unique and less worn.

Reason 2: lower prices for the same quality

While ThemeForest has been steadily increasing its price levels across the board, with some themes costing upwards of $60 per ordinary license, while some of the marketplaces listed below can offer similar quality items more than 15% cheaper.

Reason 3: more than just themes

Finally, in their attempts to differentiate themselves, ThemeForest competitors have been offering wider choice of nifty extras, from installation and hosting to making your website look exactly like the theme demo and even setting up the most essential plugins for you. This is a great option for those who value their time and would like to automate most of the website creation process, while focusing on the most important aspect – actually running their business.

So what are the alternatives to ThemeForest, and why is each of them worth considering as the theme marketplace of choice? Read on to find out:

Template Monster – from just themes to hassle-free website packages

As the second-largest theme marketplace and ThemeForest’s closes competitor, Template Monster offers hundreds of professional templates for all conceivable CMS brands, from WordPress to OpenCart and Moto. The platform has seen significant growth over the recent years, both in terms of customer base and its theme offer; in addition to that, the ever-expanding extra services offer on Template Monster now allows creating a full-fledged website from scratch, complete with a domain name, a hosting account, the theme, and must-have plugins, instead to just buying a template – all in a couple of clicks.

Mojo Themes – for those who want to look unique

The second ThemeForest alternative definitely worth mentioning is Mojo Themes, which has for many years been the “indie” place where people went when they go tired of the TF copycats. Oh, and did we mention the fact that most of the themes are also priced considerably lower on Mojo Themes due to the competitive pressure?

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We would also like to add x5tuts to the list of alternatives originally it was built to sell website x5 templates but now sells everything including wordpress themes, graphics, fonts and more, x5tuts also gives there sellers 85% commission on all sales thanks is a much better Themforest alternative.