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    I bought you theme few days ago, and I have some trouble to set it:I
    – can’t find how to make a submenu on the top left menu, just as you did for the site preview ! I want to make a category menu, with all my categories in it.
    – I would like to know how to set the excerpt for posts on the home page, I can’t find it in the theme options !
    – The Twitter widget doesn’t work in the left slidebar, I tried to change the account but it still doesn’t work.

    By the way, your theme is really great, so keep doing such a good job !
    Sorry for the engrish :)


    Hi Displayed,

    First of all, thank you for the purchase! Let me go through the issues one by one:

    1). to create a submenu in WordPress, go to “Appearance – Menus”, choose the menu you need in the right-hand-side block, and drag the needed item slightly to the right, so that it is indented to the right compared to other menu items. Don’t forget to save the changes ;)

    2). In WordPress, you need to insert a special tag into the post content to tell the blog page to display only the content above the tag. In the visual edit mode, use the “Inset more tag” button on the panel above the content; in the HTML mode, the button says “more”; or – you can simply write the tag by hand (see the links below on how it should look like). You can find additional information on using the “more” tag on the official website, here and here.

    3). This is due to a recent change in the Twitter API code. I’ve fixed that one in the latest Fuji update (version 1.3) – please download it from your ThemeForest account, the widget should become operations once you update.

    Should you have other questions or comments, do not hesitate to let me know!

    Andrew | Satori

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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