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Some questions/problems

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    Kevin Maschke

    Hi, I already posted this three problems on the Themeforest comments section but I just found these forums and I don’t know if you prefer to get this type of questions here.

    I know you can assign a default static image header to display on pages through theme options panel and selecting “blank” option or “static header” on page/post creation.
    But I would like to know if it is possible to assign different static headers to different pages. I’ve tried but I haven’t been able. Is this possible?

    I’ve noticed that the Text before the middle menu items does not display on the latest update of the theme. In the theme options panel I’ve introduced some words but they wont appear on the website. How can I solve this? Or is this a small theme bug?

    I just noticed that URLs inserted vía HTML into the footer section do not work correctly.
    I used:
    Copyright© Nippon Koku
    And on the website when clicking on it I’m directed to
    Any solution to this?


    Hey Kevin!

    I do prefer the forums, for the sole reason that the answers here might help other users as well, yet of course I respond to all support requests regardless of where they were posted ;)

    Since I first saw your questions on the theme discussion thread on ThemeForest, I left my replies there as well.

    Andrew | Satori

    Kevin Maschke

    Hi Andrew,

    Thanks for you answers.

    Don’t worry about the static headers. If it needs editing the PHP files don’t worry. I’ll find a great way using featured images. (already have some ideas :D).

    As for the text before the middle menu, your fix worked perfectly. Thank you very much!

    And last but not least, using full URLs (http) worked perfectly. Thank you very much!


    Hi Kevin,

    Glad to hear!
    Should you have other questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

    Andrew | Satori

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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