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    Hi, firstly I love the theme, but this is bugging me.

    Both the manual and the social media widget text talks about being able to change the icon size – but I cannot find this option anywhere?! The manual says there is an Icon Size dropdown?

    In the widget there is also some text which says: “If you selected “Custom Icon Pack” from the beginning of this form, input the URL and path to those icons in the following boxes.”

    I can’t find this option either! Am I missing something or do these 2 features not exist?

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    Hey Gregh679,

    first of all, thank you for the purchase, and please excuse me for the slow reply.

    As mentioned in the theme manual (page 7), the icon packs other than the theme-styled pack are available in different sizes; the Fuji pack is yet to be released in other sizes. Meanwhile, if you need some of the theme-styled icons in different sizes, just let me know which ones and what size – I will be able to produce the custom icons for you.

    Regarding the custom icon pack – you can find it under the name of “Custom Icons” in the “Icon pack” drop-down.

    Andrew / Satori Studio

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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