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Portfolio page

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    Hi Andrii, I have entered a number of images on the project pages and then I opened a new page and called it portfolio but I can’t find any instructions of what to do after that. I was thinking that all the projects would appear like magic on the portfolio page.

    So I need newbie instructions for getting from the list of project pages onto a grid on the portfolio page.

    Plus i used the featured image to put my images on the project pages but I haven’t seen any images appear yet.

    Am I right in assuming that the images in the grid on the portfolio page will be clickable and lead to the project pages? Or do I have to do something with the links to make that happen?


    Hey Pamela,

    the portfolio page you’ve created does work as intended ( In case you wanted it to appear as the static front page of the website, please visit the “Settings -> Reading” admin panel and set this page as the “Front page” drop-down selection for the “Front page displays” option.

    Andrii / Satori Studio


    OMG! That is amazing! I love it! I’m going to make some of the pictures smaller though. It did appear like magic!

    But when I click on the images and go to their page there is no featured image. Do I have to put another image on each page?

    Also the scroll keeps repeating the same pictures endlessly. Can I stop it repeating?

    This is soooo cool.
    Thanks so much


    Another question. I entered the pictures in the way I wanted them to appear by page but the software seems to put them in any way it wants to. It even repeats images in the grid. I just want each image to appear once.
    How can I get the grid to appear in the way I want. eg. the bigger ones are in a row at one point and I’d like them alternated. How do I do that.? How do I get control of the boxes?


    Ok, I did well today. I like the background better in black, you were right about that. A couple more things.
    There is a huge gap between the footer and the copyright – I don’t know how to get rid of it.
    Then the portfolio and about and blog links aren’t working on the site. They go to a 404. Why is that?

    I was on a workshop about making a website for artists today and I told them about your theme. I’d better get it done so they can see it.

    Thanks a lot


    Andrii, I am trying to figure it out for myself but it’s not working. The order of images I have in the gallery now is ok. I tried making them all sticky so they would stay where they were but they moved all over the place. I realized that the small ones repeat in order to fill up the grid so I will do some more small art to fit in.
    Perhaps I should just turn off the endless scroll, although I really like that feature.

    Now another issue is the extract in the big picture is way too big type. I want the type to stay the same size even though the box is bigger.

    So I still need an answer to all the questions above please.
    Thanks, Pam

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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