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    I really like your theme. A few questions though:
    1. When the page loads – as seen in the demo – the first menu link is supposed to be highlighted, but my site highlights the second (portfolio).
    2. Is it possible to change the background color on the excerpt “mode” of the portfolio items (dark grey as default?
    3. There is a difference in “space” (don’t know the correct terms) in the page content, between the page header and the paragraph text. E.g. if you look at “news” the text ends up below header, but if you look at “about”, it ends up above it. What might cause this?
    4. I had an issue where I was trying to use a background image on repeat, it was repeated when I looked at “preview changes” but when I updated the page the image was not repeated but stretched over the page (not using it but thought I should mention it in case there is perhaps an easy solution.

    I use the one-page setup,



    Hey Fredric,

    first of all, thank you for the purchase!

    I will go over the issues in the same order:

    1). The menu highlight bug is a known one, my apologies for the error. I’m preparing a theme update to version 1.4 where, among other things, this will be fixed. Meanwhile, you can download this archive, unzip it, and upload into the theme folder (/wp-content/themes/Kanso/), replacing the existing files.

    2). This feature is not yet available from the back-end, yet you can implement it by adding a line of CSS code (can be included in the “Style: Add Custom CSS” tab of the Theme Options panel:

    .isotope .image-post-overlay { background-color: #333333; opacity: 1; }

    changing the “#333333” to any hex color code you need, and changing the “1” to any value between 0 and 1 for transparency (where 0 is fully transparent).

    3). The title in the “News” section, which is sourced from a blog-type template, is meant not to float, but you’re right, this still needs some tweaking. Please download this custom file I’ve prepared for you, unzip the archive, and upload the resulting file into the theme folder – this should normalize the title and content positions.

    4). You’re right, that’s a bug indeed – my apologies and thank you for reporting it! I’ve included a fix into the previous file, so once you upload it this issue should also be solved. I’ll include the fix into version 1.4 as well, thanks!

    Please let me know if any of the above issues remains unresolved!

    Andrii / Satori Studio


    Thanks Andrii!

    The solutions worked flawlessly.




    Glad to hear, Fredric!

    Should you face any other issues or have additional questions, do not hesitate to contact me.

    Andrii / Satori Studio

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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