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Kabuki Logos size and images

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    Hello there

    purchased Kabuki today. great stuff.
    I am nevertheless struggling with the some pictures issues :
    1 – the logo : the logo images (for the square above the menu) i upload are never the right size. and it does not seem to resize automatically. there is no info on logo image best size on the PDF . could you help me with that ?

    2- the ‘startpage’ Background slider’ images : same thing , no pics i upload no matter how big do stretch correctly from both sizes of the screen like on the demo page. (the ‘none’ position button is checked, i even tried with all others. help please

    thank you in advance


    answering my own questions :

    best size images for Background slider are 1600 x 750
    best logo size 120x 135


    Hey Thomas,

    first of all, thank you for the purchase!

    Regarding the logo – I agree that it’s not my best idea to have set fixed dimensions for the logo are – I’ll implement a jQuery script in the next version update that’ll resize the box automatically depending on the image size. But before that happens, you can also change the dimensions of the logo box to whichever you need by adding a line of code to the theme’s “style.css” file (opens by default in “Appearance -> Editor” admin menu):
    #logo-wrap #logo a { width: 116px !important; height: 120px !important; }
    #logo-wrap #logo { height: auto !important; }

    The pixel height and width of the first declaration can be changed arbitrarily.

    The background slider images should be as large as possible, but I really recommend keeping them in a jpg format, preferably compressed, so that each image is not larger than 600-700 kilobytes in size – otherwise the page will take ages to fully load, which will in turn frustrate the visitors. Please also note that the recommended height for the images is at least 1100 pixels – if you take less, the images will either be deformed vertically or leave empty space at the bottom on larger screens (keep in mind that your website will be opened on a wide variety of devices and screen sizes). Finally, if you haven’t yet, please check out the “Size and position” tab in the “Appearance -> Background Slider” admin menu – it has several useful settings regarding the background image resizing and cropping.

    Andrew | Satori Studio


    thank you andrew.

    it s all good now.

    just a couple last question
    I cant get my hands on the ‘follow us’ widget with the colored social media buttons you use on your preview site. any idea where to find it ?

    and also how can i have just a stretched static image of my choice on all other pages but the landing page (just like on your site once again) ?

    then i am good to go . i ll send you the link when it’s done i think you ll like what we’ve done.
    take care


    Dear Thomas,

    The social icons widget is called “Social Media Widget” and is available in “Appearance -> Widgets” along with the other ones :)

    The way I arranged backgrounds in the demo is as follows: declare a static page as the front page (in “Settings -> Reading”), choose the “Page – Background Slider” template for that page (in the “Page Attributes” box in the editor mode), and choosing “WP Media Gallery” as the source of background slides in the “Background Slider” box just below the text editor area in the page editor mode. Then if you upload images to that page as attachments (without actually inserting them into the page), they will show up as the background slides. Other pages use a static image for the background, which can be set in “Appearance -> Background Slider” menu: first create a separate folder for the background image in your “wp-content” folder, upload the desired background image into it, and then go to the “Slides Source” tab in “Appearance -> Background Slider” and choose the folder you’ve just created in the “Default Slides Gallery” option.

    If I was unclear at any point, please let me know!

    Andrew | Satori Studio

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