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Ikebana css questions

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    Im using Ikebana child theme (Im using the included Ikebana child css-file included in the download package) for building a website and have some questions.

    Im using the the left icon menu/portfolio filter at the front page. When you enter one of the portfolios in the ‘filter menu’ from a page (from the top menu), you see a box with the title of the filtered portfolio. Is it possible to change the font size in this filtered portfolio without changing the size of the title in portfolio pages? It looks like it’s linked to the same heading-size but maybe there is a way to set this heading specific for the filtered portfolios.

    Like your preview site Im using a logo in the upper left corner. Instead of linking to the homepage/frontpage, is it then possible to link to one of the pages in the top menu? And if so, where can I do this?

    I’ve managed to change the background-color in search-box in the top menu. I cannot find where to change the color of the font inside this search box – where can I find the css for this? Or is there a css code I can add in the ‘Add costume CSS’?

    On the portfolio sides in the bottom there are ‘pre’/’next’ links – is it possible to get rid of them?

    Thnaks in advance and sorry my english.

    All the best,


    Hey Christian,

    first of all, thank you for the purchase!

    I will go over the questions in the same order:

    1). To change the font sizes of the 2×1 tiles with portfolio tag descriptions, please use this CSS (you can insert this and following snippets into the “Style: Add Custom CSS” tab of the Theme Options panel), the first line is for the title, the second is for the description text:

    .tax-tagportfolio #portfolio-header h1 { font-size: 32px; }
    .tax-tagportfolio #portfolio-header .portfolio-tax-desc { font-size: 20px; }

    2). Since it’s a very common practice to link the logo to the home page, there is no option in the admin back-end to link it with some other destination; however, you can achieve that by changing the template file (“header.php”, found in the theme root folder). In particular, you’ll need to edit line 85 – locate the string:

    echo home_url();

    and replace it with

    echo home_url('/page-url');

    where page-url is the slug (i.e. the last part of the URL) of the page you want to link to.

    3). Please try this CSS for changing the text color of the header search form:

    #header #searchform input { color: #ffffff !important; }

    4). To remove the navigation links in portfolio projects, you can either use this CSS:

    #content .navlinks { display: none; }

    or remove lines 12-21 in the “single-project.php” theme file.

    Should you face any problems with implementing any of the above, do not hesitate to contact me!

    Andrii / Satori Studio


    Hi Andrii,

    Thank you for your answers.

    1) This question is no longer an issue – we keep the font size as it is.

    2) I know nothing about editing in the php. But if Im going to try, is then in “header.php” in the ‘mother’ theme I should change the lines?
    And can I access this php file in WordPress by selecting the editor, the Ikebana ‘mother’ theme, find the php-file and edit it and then the changes will reflect in the Ikebana-child theme? I have no header.php in the child theme folder.

    3) I have tried to insert this line in the ‘Add custom CSS’ field in the theme options panel, but nothing is happening…..or the font weight is so light that it’s different to tell if it has changed to white or it’s still the grey-blueish color.

    4) I have tried to add this line in the ‘Add custom CSS’ as well, but nothing happens here as well……I wondering if Im doing something wrong?

    I have a new question which I hope you can help me with.
    If I want to change the height of the footer (to a lower height than the original height), where can I do this?

    All the best,

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