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Editing Category Page.php // content after post // category list settings

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    I would like to create category pages for my blog. I have reviewed the wordpress document which has cleared up how to achieve this. The additional questions I have regarding this theme are:

    – Is there a way to edit the text “Category: Fashion” instead to appear as a unique centred heading (eg: “Fashion”)
    – Is there a way to have additional content below the post or category post – eg: an image gallery (similar to the one I created for the “archives” page.)
    – Furthermore I have noticed that if I select in settings to display 3 posts – this determines how many stories appear on the primary post page as well as how many stories appear when you click on a category. Is there a way to allow for categories to display a list of all previous stories? This is a problem as I only display one post on the primary post page – and therefore only one story comes up for a category. Hence why I have set-up a seperate “archieves” gallery for the moment.

    Thanks again


    Dear Kari,

    I will reply in the same order:

    1). You can alter or remove the “Category:” text by manually editing the “category.php” file found in the root of the theme (line 11); to center the headings you’ll need a CSS declaration:
    .category #blog-header h1 { text-align: center; }

    2). Category pages are in essence filtered archive pages, thus anything that is possible on the latter can be done here as well. You can either edit the “category.php” file or use a third-party plugin to insert the required content.

    3). In WordPress, this is how the post number limit functions – it applies to all blog and archive pages. Circumventing this is a bit more complicated, but can be done, of course. To display a custom number of posts on category pages, you’ll need to create a custom wp_query loop and tell it to show a particular number of recent posts. This article contains the relevant information. I can help you set up the query, yet I will have to charge for that since such changes in template files are considered theme customization. Alternatively, you can use a third-party plugin and insert a shortcode that would display a custom post list filtered by category, e.g. this one.

    Andrew / Satori Studio


    Thanks Andrew, I will have a go on the weekend and let you know how I go. Appreciate your promptness and advice.

    Thanks again,


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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