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Hey Quentro,

the WPML plugin-rendered drop-down element that you are trying to introduce into the theme’s template file seems to be in order per se; the only problem as far as I can see from the screenshots is its positioning; this, in turn, is not a PHP or HTML issue, but a CSS styling aspect: as in most other WordPress themes (and most of modern websites in general, for that matter), the mutual positioning of elements is regulated by CSS rules, not so much HTML. So all we need to do in this particular case is to adjust the CSS for the new element, which is why I’ve asked for a live code – it is hard to give a precise code by only looking at the images. Could you please put the box back in, I will look at the code and tell you the required CSS code (however, please note that such theme amendment is considered customization and is not already covered by the ThemeForest standard support guarantee – this is just to note that I’m doing it based on wish to help, and I cannot guarantee that the changes will be 100% successful from the first time).

Andrii / Satori Studio