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Dear Andrew,

I have another question re. the tags displayed on the photography page. If you click on “photography” , you still see “Film” and “Coming Soon…” as one of the categories, even though they dont have anything to do with photography. Is there a way to remove these tags from this page?
Also, on the same page “photography” appears as a tag on its own page – which is confusing. I cannot work out how to get rid of this?
And the “Carnivalesque” section has disappeared from photography after I renamed it. Do you know why this happens?

Something problematic has occurred with Myths –
1.) if I click on an image in Myths to display it, and then click “Next” i am sent to what seems to be a random page, rather than the next image in the series list. For example, if I click on “Photography” and then go to “Myths” and then I click on the first name on the list “Persephone”, then Persephone appears, but if I click “Next” next to the image, I am sent to a project archive (?).
If instead of “Next” i click “Previous” next to Persephone´s image, then I am sent to another project archive.
Is there a way to rectify this so it works just like the other categories – which work really well ..
2.) When I click on “Myths” the picture of Persephone comes up – even though I haven´t selected Persephone.

I wanted to know if I can use arrows instead of “PreviousNext” – because if i look at the site on a smaller screen, such as an ipad – the “PreviousNext” are so close together it´s difficult to navigate and I am a bit worried about this.

Is it possible to remove the tags at the bottom of the “Limited Edition” page?

My last observation – when you click on “clients” – the list of clients does not appear. Instead, you have to scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on “clients” again. Is there a way to just keep this exactly the same principal as the other categories?
What do you think?

Thank you!