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Dear Isurus,

thank you for informing about the bug! I’ll try to fix it for the next version release (1.3) which is due in several weeks. Note that in general it should not be a big problem though since the people who use smaller screens (e.g. browsing from a tablet or a mobile phone) open their browsers already in that mode, i.e. they do not resize the browser window too often (if you re-produce the bug and then reload the page, it works normally); the same can be said about the users with wide screens, although I do agree that some may want to change the width of the window if e.g. they have a very wide screen and they want to be able to see several browser windows in parallel.

Moreover, there is an option in the Theme Options panel to disable the sliding effect, i.e. to hide the “Menu” tab as well as the toggle links, and to always show the top menu to the user :)

Once again, I really appreciate the information! If you have other comments or questions, do not hesitate to contact me!

Andrew | Satori