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Hey Skrag,

I will retain the numeration as previously:

1). The slide size depends on how you set it up: if you go to “Revolution Slider” admin section and press the green “Settings” button next to the slider you want to edit, you can find a number of options regarding the size of the slider:
– Slider Layout: here you can choose between “Fixed” (set width and height manually in pixels), “Custom” (set width and height manually depending on the screen sizes), “Auto Responsive” (varies with the screen size/height), and “Full Width” (the one set in the demo slider).
– Fullscreen Align: force captions to fit the screen width or the container of the theme
– Force Full Width: force the slider to stretch to the width of the screen or be contained inside the parent container
Note that the slide background images will always be stretched to the width of the slide, and any captions or other objects you insert in the slide editors (press the blue “Edit Slides” button next to the slider you’re working on) will stay inside the captions grid width. Please let me know if any of the above is still unclear!

6). When adding a new page which will become a part of the one-page layout, you can add any number of any content elements into the page content area (you can switch between the “Visual” and “Text” modes using tabs in the top right corner), and all of it will display on the one-page layout as well. You can also use theme’s built-in shortcodes for an additional selection of pre-styled elements to augment your layout.

Andrii / Satori Studio