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Dear Andrew,

Again sorry for the late reply, had to go for a follow up.

I tied making posts with boht the visual and html editor same thing, but the puzzeling this is, even at the top where the site headline (the text that is edied via your theme options) is the “š” is somewhat different (looks like it’s not bold or something);

A new question ahs also arisen in the meantime; i’m sure you are familiar with bbpress, and it’s plugins and sort, well the plugin GD bbPress attachments does not work, it simply does not show, the author calims it’s the themes fault but i’m stumped as to what could be wrong when I changed the theme, to test it out it really did work so yeah I’m passing ont he torch to you if you have any idea what can be done in this case, the reply for the plugins author is;

“Maybe the theme you are using adding own templates for bbPress and they are not up to the specification.”


P.S. Sorry for giving you so much with with this