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Hi Team,

Thank you for this.

I would appreciate it if you could also address the following points –

1. While we were activating the various plugins we got the following error when installing the quick localization plugin.
The plugin generated unexpected output.

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

Plugin installed successfully.

2. When I did the data import as per your instructions before I got the following error –

Failed to import “Function: image_resize()”: Invalid post type deprecated_log
Failed to import “Function: wp_specialchars()”: Invalid post type deprecated_log

All done. Have fun!

Remember to update the passwords and roles of imported users.

Please can you advise on what you also mean by Remember to update the passwords and roles of imported users ?

3. Lastly, even after importing the data the site looks nothing like your Tokyo example. I AM NOT VERY TECHNICAL SO I WOULD REALLY APPRECIATE YOUR HELP WITH THIS. If you can set it up that would be great. I can then change logos and things like that.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Best regards