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Thanks Andrew,
In IE8 now the menu don’t appear (I have IE8 on WIN7).
In IE7 probably is OK (I use an emulator to test it)
In IE10 there isn’t the dark backgroud. (I have IE10 on WIN8)

My touch Tablet PC is a DELL Latitude XT with Windows 8.
If I “swipe out”, the menu slide up. But this “swipe out” is not a natural operation. (With touch screnn I have to do one touch on + to open the menu. It isn’t natural swipe out to close the menu. I think could be more natural like in “FUJI” theme)
Moreover swipe out the menu is difficult to do (When I try to swipe out, it’s very easy click and go to onother page of the menu)

Another question:
In IE7 now the menu is alwais visible at the left of the page. Even whene i scroll down the page, the menu is in the same position.
It is possible to do it for all browser?