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Dear Leslye,

the fact that the tiles start on the left is a normal loading order of websites on the Internet – from top left to bottom right; moreover, they do align as intended after the page is loaded, after all. I could have fixed the side margins manually for the theme, which would prevent the “jumping”, but in that case the theme’s width would be fixed and it would not be responsive, i.e. adapt to the width of the viewing device. I am still thinking as to how it can be done while preserving the responsiveness, but changing the loading order requires rewriting the entire theme architecture, which is why it is not an easy update.

As a side-note – in case the website takes long to load, you might want to try optimizing the images size so that the total size of the website’s files is smaller. There is a great online testing tool called Pingdom Speed Test for that.

Andrew / Satori Studio