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Hey Massakid,

since the user you’ve created for me has a low-capability type (probably an “author”), I cannot see most parts of the admin menu, thus the below instructions are my best guess at the moment. If they do not work, I will need to ask you to upgrade the user you’ve created for me to “administrator” level so that I could see all the settings.

As far as I can see, you’ve been using a gallery as a sort of grid for the showcase; there’s a better alternative in Kanso, intended exactly for that: the portfolio page. Please try the following:
1). Create a new page an give it a “Portfolio” template in the “Page Attributes” settings box. Add page title; you can leave the content blank. Save the page.
2). Create several Projects (“Portfolio -> Add New”), settings their format to “Image” in the “Format” settings box. In each project, add a title, and upload a featured image (i.e. thumbnail) in the bottom right corner of the page editor screen.
3). You’re all set! Go back to the one-page template and you should be able to see a portfolio of projects in a grid (you can change the parameters of the grid in the “Portfolio Page” tab of the Theme Options panel.

Please let me know if the above helps!

Andrii / Satori Studio