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Dear Tom,

The videos are resizing as they should now, the images are not resizing because you haven’t altered the css code according to one of my last messages (see message from the 2nd of October): you’ll need to go to “style.css” and find the line (it is line 29, so the beginning of the file):
.post-wrapper .post-content img { max-width: 656px !important; margin: -16px 0 0 -16px !important; }
and change it to:
.post-wrapper .post-content img { max-width: 656px; margin: -16px 0 0 -16px !important; }

Let me know if that solves the image resizing issue.

By the way, if you wish to flush a browser’s cache, here is a quick guide, with screenshots ;)

Andrew | Satori

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