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Hi Andrew,
Yep, image upload is working now, thanks!
I did try out the Fuji slider, but dont need it just now.

2). Portfolio gallery – I have created several posts containing a single image and assigned tags to them from the “Portfolio -> Tags” admin menu section – BUT – i can only see the images if I preview the page in edit, or via a category link (which has now dissappeared).
Now, if i click on the “photography” page, i get two low-res images displayed – where are they coming from? i didnt put them on the page? arrgh. getting very confused!
However, when I click on the image I get exactly how I want to see the fotos, complete with a back button! :) :

2A) If you wish to have a “previous-next” type of navigation between portfolio items, let me know, and I will tweak the code to achieve this effect. – YES PLEASE! I do ! :) –

2B) Regarding the last question – since you do not want to show the images in the gallery view, we’ll have to alter the template code here as well because Fuji’s built-in gallery always displays images (after all, that’s what a gallery is all about ) – how do you plan to arrange the image titles in the gallery view – as a list. :)

Am going to try and find the low-res displayed image mystery path…