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Hi i000yards!

Here we go:

1). The logo upload issue was due to the fact that you had chosen the option “Attachment Post URL” (like this: rather than “File URL” (like this: in the upload pop-up box, after uploading the file. Make sure you always press “File URL” in case the url looks like the first one. To sum up, always choose “File URL” while uploading images into the Theme Options panel, as noted in the manual. I’ve uploaded the default Fuji logo just for the test.

2). The link you provided leads to the home page of the Fuji demo, but I can assume you’d like to have a portfolio/gallery type of page for your photos. If that’s correct, please see the theme manual page 4 on how to set up a portfolio and create different tags (in short, you’ll need to create several “Portfolio” type posts and assign tags to them from the “Portfolio -> Tags” admin menu section. You will then be able to filter the gallery by any of the tags you’ve assigned. To go back to the gallery from a single item, there is a “Back” button just below the images. If you wish to have a “previous-next” type of navigation between portfolio items, let me know, and I will tweak the code to achieve this effect. Regarding the last question – since you do not want to show the images in the gallery view, we’ll have to alter the template code here as well because Fuji’s built-in gallery always displays images (after all, that’s what a gallery is all about :) ) – how do you plan to arrange the image titles in the gallery view – as a list or as tiles? Let me know and I will try to help you with that.

Andrew | Satori