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Hi Andrew,
Thanks again – I really appreciate your help! I will reply here as I can´t reply via email.
my WP admin is U: admin and P: device_wp12
I am testing out logos and according to the thumbnail the words get cut off, is there a size the logo has to be?

The url of the page is this:
– there is only one page at the moment. Um. What I am trying to do is this:

I´m intending on having 2 sections: “Photography” and “Film”
When I click on photography I would like to get this:

as in the fuji theme, and display all my photos like this – as you above advised with the css code,
However, once I set the layout to show the fotos this way, how do I show several fotos in the same “series” ?
Do I have to go “back” after viewing each Foto to get to the main “Photography” section?
If that´s the case, can I display the smaller images as Titles, so that you only ever see the images in that one, fullsize format? I ask as I dont want to see all my images together.
I hope I am making sense :S
Thank you again