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Dear Kari,

in order to force the slider to extract images from a particular post or page (not necessarily the current one), try the following shortcode:

[nivo_slider source=”post=12” link=”image” size=”656×300″ limit=”10″ effect=”random” speed=”600″ delay=”3000″]

putting the desired post/page ID instead of the “12”. You can find the ID of a page/post by entering the editor mode – the URL part with says “?post=12” or some other number is what you need.

Also, if you want to pull the images from the latest posts on your homepage, why not try the Recent Posts Slider, which is also included in the theme – you can choose it in the “Custom header” box below the content editor in the page edit mode, and adjust its settings in “Appearance -> Recent Posts Slider”.

Andrew | Satori