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Hey Marcus!

I really like the idea behind the non-profit!

The icon menu bug is a known issue, and I am preparing an update for the theme right now. I’ve sent you the latest version of Ikebana with the fix to your indicated email address along with instructions for updating. After updating, please use portfolio tag slugs (not names) in the “Filter” fields of respective icon menu items in the “Icon Menu” tab of the Theme Options panel. Please accept my apologies for the confusion regarding the name of the options panel tab, in previous theme versions it was called the “Main (Left) Menu” tab, yet the function is exactly equivalent – I just happened to forget to update the name in the manual.

By the way, the theme update I sent you should also fix the icon menu title line break issue (for titles consisting of more than one word).

Please let me know if this helps!

Andrew / Satori Studio