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Dear Julie,

a separate font for the menu items was not envisaged as a back-end admin option (thus hasn’t been added yet), but you can do it via the code:

1). Go to Google Fonts and choose the font you like :) Press the “Quick-use” button on the right.

2). Scroll down to point three (“Add this code to your website”), copy the code.

3). On your website, go to “Appearance -> Editor” and in the right-hand list, click on the file called “header-functions.php”. Paste the code from Google Fonts into the file, above all other content and then hit “Update File”.

4). Now from the list on the right, locate and open the file called “Stylesheet (style.css)” – and add this line at the very bottom:
#nav-primary li a { font-family: ‘Open Sans’, sans-serif !important }
replacing the Open Sans bit with the exact name of your chosen font. Do not forget to hit “Update File” afterwards ;)

That’s it, ready to rock!

In case you have problems with this sequence, you can send me your admin login details to (no disclosure guaranteed) together with the desired font name, and I will install it for you.

Andrew | Satori