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Hi Andrii!

First of all: Thank You for everything!

I really like your work and thank you for the clean coding. The theme works perfectly with the masonry layout on every screens. I tested on lot of different resolutions and on tablet too.

Only few questions left from my side:

1). We works with featured images in every article which is shown up in every single projects. But I wanna showing the excerpt or the title under the featured images in the articles. But the get_the_excerpt or the get_the_title commands ha no effects in the page*.php files.

2). I have a dot before the widgetized areas what I made on the home page, but I can’t figure out what I need to change in style.css file to clear it.

3). The “Display project type icons in portfolio” is great. What do You think, possible to making some modifications to change the project type icons to the project tags? We use the project tags as categories.

So I need Your help (again). :)