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Hey Csaba,

None of these are really theme issues, rather php and css tricks, yet as a Christmas present here goes:

1). Instead of

#nav-primary ul li:first-child a {
visibility: hidden;

try using

#nav-primary ul li:first-child a {
text-indent: -9999px;
display: block;

2). The code you were using does not match the code from the example I’ve given earlier, please try this:

ID , 'tagportfolio' );
if ( $p_terms && ! is_wp_error( $p_terms ) ) {
$term_links = array();
foreach ( $p_terms as $p_term ) {
$term_links[] = $p_term->name;
$termslinks = join( ", ", $term_links );
echo '



For the tags to display, you will need to disable the “Truncate text on portfolio and blog pages” script from the “header-functions.php” file, please look at lines 625-647 of the file for it. Moreover, I recommend inserting the tag code before the content of the box, not after it, since it may remain pushed beyond the post boundary by the content.

3). You can do it with CSS:

#respond .comment-form-url { display: none; }

Andrii / Satori Studio